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Our Services

Red Tape Consulting - Lanzarote, Canary Islands

We offer a comprehensive range of services from dealing with all types of paperwork to phone assistance when dealing with workmen in the home or helping you put your car through the ITV (the Spanish M.O.T).

These are examples of just some of the services we provide:-
· Residency Cards
· NIF and NIE numbers
· All types of local authority paperwork (rates, rubbish removal, car circulation taxes etc)
· Electricity and water connections or change of title owner.
· Taxation for non residents
· Car Importation
· Setting up direct debits with your bank.
· Help with clearing goods/containers through customs.
· Translations.
· Administration for Communities
· Telephone installations.
· Visits to doctors, hospitals etc when there is a language barrier.
· Paperwork to become registered as self employed.
· Change of ownership of vehicles.
· Obtaining Spanish driving licences
· Accounting Services
· Legal Services contact with Izquierdo y de la Cueva Solicitors 928 81 52 62

Our aim is to cut through the ‘Red Tape’ on your behalf so that you start to enjoy your new life in Lanzarote.

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